Newmarket Racecourse

The world famous Newmarket Racecourse has two distinct courses - the Rowley Mile Course and the July Course. Both courses hosts some of the top racing seen in the flat season in this country.

The Rowley Mile

Newmarket RacecourseThe Rowley Mile Course includes three main enclosures, the Premier Lounge, that provides outstanding views of the winning post and allows access to the other two enclosures. The first being the Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure, that was opened in 2000. This also provides excellent views of the Rowley Mile Course, plus the parade ring and the winners circle. The Rowley Mile Enclosure meanwhile offers great views of the course but not of the winning post or the parade ring. This enclosure hosts the betting outlets, mobile catering services and a kiddies playground.

The Rowley Mile course is home to the Guineas meeting and has hosted the